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Textpath Node

Textpath Node

Create a text path.

  • Text: The text to draw.
  • Font: The font to use for the text.
  • Size: The font size, in points.
  • Align: The text alignment. This is relative to the origin unless a width is set.
  • X: The X coordinate.
  • Y: The Y coordinate of the baseline of the first line of text.
  • Width: The width of the text. Any value bigger than 0 wraps the text.
  • Height: The height of the text. Not used.
  • Fill: The fill color. If the alpha value is 0, the shape will have no fill.
  • Stroke: The stroke color.
  • Stroke Width: The stroke width. If the width is 0, the shape will have no stroke.


  • NodeBox can use any font available on your system. If you share NodeBox documents with others make sure they have the selected font as well.
  • Windows and Mac users have different default fonts installed (Windows users do not have Helvetica installed by default, for example).