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Import Node

Import Node

Import SVG files as geometric data.

When using Illustrator, select File > Save As… and choose the SVG (svg) format. Choose SVG Tiny 1.2:

Illustrator Import Options

SVG Files store their coordinates from the top left of the document. You can toggle the “Center of Canvas” to center the imported shape.

  • File: The SVG file.
  • Center on Canvas: If checked, centers the geometry on the canvas.
  • X: The X offset from the origin.
  • Y: The Y offset from the origin.


  • Make sure to save your NodeBox file first before using the import node. When your NodeBox file is saved, the import node can use a path relative to the NodeBox file. If the NodeBox file is not saved yet the import node will store an absolute path, which means your files will not work on other computers.