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Curve Node

Curve Node

Create an arbitrary bezier curve or path.

Once you’ve created a curve node you can draw in the viewer:

  • Click to create straight points.
  • Click and drag to create curve points.
  • You can click on a point you’ve created to select it. Drag the point or its control handles to move them. Click the “x” to remove the point.
  • Click the last point and press the “pause” button to stop editing. Click again in the viewer to start a new path segment.
  • Path: The coordinates of the path. Don’t manipulate these yourself: just draw the curve in the viewer and let NodeBox manage the underlying data. Use the “Revert to Default” option to clear the curve.
  • Fill: The fill color. If the alpha value is 0, the shape will have no fill.
  • Stroke: The stroke color.
  • Stroke Width: The stroke width. If the width is 0, the shape will have no stroke.