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All Nodes by Category

Creating Shapes

  • Rect: Create rectangles or squares.
  • Ellipse: Create ellipses or circles.
  • Star: Create star shapes.
  • Freehand: Draw lines directly on the canvas.
  • Curve: Create an arbitrary bezier curve or path.
  • Polygon: Create a multi-sided polygon.
  • Freehand: Draw freely using the mouse.
  • Line: Create a line.
  • Textpath: Create a text path.
  • Textonpath: Create text that follows a path.

Modifying Shapes

  • Snap: Snap geometry to a grid.
  • Edit: Edit points non-destructively.
  • Color: Change the color of a shape.
  • Wiggle: Shift points by a random amount.


  • Transform: Transform the location, rotation and scale of a shape.
  • Align: Align a shape in relation to the origin.
  • Fit: Fit a shape within bounds.
  • Distribute: Distribute shapes on horizontal or vertical axis.
  • Reflect: Mirror the geometry around an invisible axis.

Manipulating Geometry

  • Connect: Connects all points in a path.
  • Delete: Delete points or paths that lie within certain bounds.
  • Sort: Sort points or shapes.

Generating Points

  • Grid: Create a grid of points.
  • Scatter: Generate points within the boundaries of a shape.
  • Resample: Distribute points along a shape.

Combining Shapes

  • Merge: Combine shapes of multiple nodes.
  • Compound: Add, subtract or intersect geometry.

Multiplying Shapes

  • Copy: Create multiple copies of a shape.
  • Place: Place shapes on points of a template.
  • Shapeonpath: Copy shapes on a path.

Working with External Data

Advanced Nodes

  • Generator: Template for creating new nodes that generate vector data.
  • Filter: Template for nodes that manipulate vector data.
  • Code: Create geometry using NodeBox 1 code.
  • Geonet: Contains a network of other nodes.
  • Root: Base node instance.
  • Null: Does nothing.
  • Switch: Switch between multiple inputs.