This version of NodeBox is no longer supported. (Why?) For the latest version, visit

NodeBox 2 is deprecated

Hello, you landed on, the website for NodeBox 2.

User feedback during testing in workshops showed that NodeBox 2’s node model using expressions and copy stamping became complicated very quickly (not to mention slow). We decided to change our strategy and started working on NodeBox 3, which keeps the node-based approach but uses lists and list matching to make it easier to work with.

Because of our limited resources, NodeBox 2 will not further be developed. Not all features of NodeBox 2 have been ported to NodeBox 3 yet, but we are confident that NodeBox 3 will, in time, exceed the capabilities of NodeBox 2.

We encourage all users of NodeBox 2 to switch to NodeBox 3, available at

If you still want to experiment in NodeBox 2, just follow the links in the navigation bar.